Sailing in the Caribbean is a real adventure!

Be prepared for everything...

...take our advice for pleasant sailing...

...and have a carefree sailing trip in the Caribbean!

Advice for Sailing in the Caribbean - tips & tricks

Sailing Caribbean - advice

What to Take on a Sailing Trip in the Caribbean

Here is our advice for sailing in the Caribbean: pack light clothes in sports bags instead of suitcases, as they take up less space and are easier to put aside. Also pack some waterproof clothes in case of rain or strong winds. Do not forget to bring a swimsuit so you can fully enjoy the beautiful Caribbean waters. Bring enough sunscreen and a hat to prevent sunburns and heat strokes. You will also need your personal hygiene items and some medical supplies. If you are taking any medications on a daily basis, do not forget to take them with you. For entertainment on board, our advice is to take different social games or some relaxing reading. Other useful items may include a flashlight or candles and rubber gloves for easier anchor handling.

Sailing Documents

What Documents You Need for Sailing in the Caribbean

For your sailing trip in the Caribbean, you will need a boarding pass and a valid passport. Our advice is to take a copy of your passport and keep it in a separate place in case the original is lost. If you have chosen the bareboat charter and will navigate the yacht yourself, you will need a valid skipper license. Take the rent contract with you, as well. Another piece of advice is to keep all the documents in sealed plastic bags for protection from water and other damage. Check in with your agency before sailing in the Caribbean for advice on the required documents. The Caribbean are specific in that there are many small countries, each under its own jurisdiction and with their own rules, so check beforehand.

Sailing and Motor Yacht Charter

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