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We Care for the Environment

In our mission to provide our clients with the best possible sailing yacht charter service, we never forget that the seas our boats sail on are our greatest resource. Therefore, we are dedicated to protecting the nature, both the flora and the fauna, as well as the marine ecosystem.


Sail Caribbean Yachts provides an environmentally friendly service dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea and its islands and leaving it the way it should be - clean and untouched with beautiful white beaches and sheltered bays and coves. Our environmentally friendly policy also includes the promotion of a healthy lifestyle with freshly prepared food and natural ingredients, as well as an active way of life on board our sailing boats.

Why charter a yacht with us?

Once you have decided to go on a sailing journey you will need an experienced and reliable agency to do business with. And what better agency than one which deals exclusively with sailing yacht charters in the Caribbean? Sail Caribbean Yachts is a member of the SailingEurope Yacht Charter Group, a renowned charter company with a decade-long experience in providing the best charter service on the market.


Our goal is to make your sailing vacation an enjoyable experience worth repeating and we will do it by giving you a service tailored to all your needs and wishes. We will arrange a customized sailing yacht holiday in the Caribbean for you and do our best to make it an unforgettable and amazing adventure.


Sail Caribbean Yachts offers you a variety of renowned sailing yacht brands to take you to all the hidden bays of the Caribbean Islands. Get on board one of our sailing boats or catamarans and visit the beautiful British Virgin Islands, Cuba or Martinique, or one of many other great sailing destinations in the Caribbean. We offer you several types of sailing yacht charter. If you are an experienced sailor with a skipper license, you can opt for bareboat charter. If you would rather leave the sailing to someone else and enjoy a relaxed vacation, we offer you skippered or crewed yacht charters. The decision is all yours.


Apart from being professionals in sailing yacht charter, we also like to sail for pleasure. This is what has taught us all the perks in sailing and what qualifies us to give you all the advice you need on your sailing journey in the Caribbean. Based on our own experience, we will arrange the best sailing journey for you, one you will remember with a smile on your face for the rest of your life.


In addition, we always strive to protect the nature of the places we charter our sailing boats in so they remain intact and beautiful as long as possible and make your sailing a pleasure for all senses.


SailingEurope Yacht Charter Group has prepared a number of specialized pages in order to provide you with all the necessary information for a successful yacht charter. For general details about choosing a yacht and charter destination, visit A Yacht Charter Group. We have also launched several sites with information in languages other than English. German readers can browse through Max Motor Yachten for details on motor yacht charter and speakers of Italian can explore catamaran yachts on Vela Catamarano. Oui Location Bateau offers information about yacht charter in French and Alquiler Veleros Hola is the address for Spanish speakers. Jedrenjaci Najam is the page with information on chartering gulet in Croatian and Max Plachetnice provides details on sailing yachts in the Czech language.


Put your trust in Sail Caribbean Yachts and let us arrange the sailing trip of a lifetime for you! 

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Please feel free to contact us in the way most convenient for you. We will be happy to assist you with sailing advice and charter tips! 


Choose Sail Caribbean Yachts for an amazing journey to the Caribbean. Our friendly team will gladly help you choose the best yacht and the perfect charter type to fit your sailing needs.


As part of the SailingEurope Yacht Charter Group, we have established ourselves as a professional and reliable charter agency that creates perfect sailing vacations completely tailored to your wishes. Thousands of satisfied clients are proof that we are good at what we do and keep us going.


May the wind be with you!